We believe that education should be accessible and affordable, and therefore we do everything we can to keep costs and tuition rates low for you. We are blessed by our amazing community of teachers and families, which help make this possible. Please thoroughly and carefully review our Parent/Student Handbook to understand what is expected and appreciated from our families. If you have any questions, please contact our Director of Operations at

New Families interested in joining our academy must:

  1. Attend a Parent Information Meeting or participate in a facility tour
  2. Submit an application – a $50 Non-Refundable Application fee is due at this time
  3. Schedule and participate in a family interview
  4. Enrollment link will be emailed upon acceptance into our school – $200 Non-Refundable Enrollment fee due at this time
  5. Schedule and complete a student assessment

Returning Families must:

  1. Notify Administration of your Intent to Return by the predetermined deadline.
  2. Enrollment link will be emailed upon acceptance of Intent to Return – $125 Non-Refundable Enrollment fee due at this time
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Please complete the form below to join the waitlist.

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Financial Responsibilty

  1. Tuition for our 2-Day Academy is a commitment for the year with 9 equal payments being due on the 15th of each month (August through April).
  2. Tuition for our Enrichment program is a commitment for the semester with 4 equal payments due on the 15th of each month (Fall: August through November; Spring: January through April).
  3. Sibling Discount – Families having more than one sibling concurrently enrolled in the 2-Day Academy, and who keep their account current, will receive a $25/month discount for each additional sibling at an equal or lesser tuition rate. Families having more than one sibling concurrently enrolled in the Enrichment Program, and who keep their account current, will receive a $10/month discount for each additional sibling at an equal or lesser tuition rate. Accounts not paid on time, or carrying a balance, are not eligible for this discount.
  4. A 10% late fee, calculated based on monthly tuition, will be assessed on the 4th day late (the 18th of each month) with a $10 daily accrual for each additional day late.
    If your account is not brought current by the last day of the calendar month your student(s) will not be allowed to attend school again until the account is brought current.
  5. Tuition Invoices will be sent by email each month and payments may be made by credit card, ACH (processing fees will apply) or by personal check.
  6. Please pay on time so that we may pay our teachers in a timely manner.

Ancora Academy is open from August 22, 2023 through May 16, 2024, excluding school holidays and inclement weather days. Annual tuition has been divided into nine equal payments to be paid out during the school year. Tuition rates will not be prorated for holidays or other absences. Payment is expected for all children enrolled whether present or not. Space is reserved for enrolled children. Thus, to hold that space, payment must be made regardless of attendance. This includes illness, holidays, inclement weather days, vacations etc. The Director must approve any exceptions. Should the school, or an individual classroom, need to close for any reason, tuition will not be refunded or reduced for closures of less than a two week period. If the closure extends beyond two weeks, tuition drafts will cease until Ancora Academy resumes. Ancora Academy reserves the right to prorate the child’s account upon return or refund the prorated tuition. The two week grace period is nonrefundable. Refunds will not be made for absences.

Our program will follow the campus location District calendar for holiday closings, with the exception of first/last day of classes and Christmas Break. During inclement weather, we follow the campus location ISD on school closings. If the ISD is closed, Ancora Academy is closed. Please follow the news stations for ISD information. We will update our Parent Portal and staff will update parents by using their most common form of communication. A detailed school calendar is posted on our website. Ancora Academy is a private facility and not required to provide inclement weather makeup days.

Once an Intent to Return form has been submitted (current families) or admission has been finalized (new families), we are counting on you. Please plan to honor this commitment. Should you change your mind about participation, barring a family illness or emergency, your family will forfeit all fees paid.

Scholarships/Tuition Assistance, determined by Administration and based on an individual basis, may be available to families in financial distress in exchange for service hours.

Ancora Academy does not discriminate based on race, religious affiliation, or disability in the administration of its education policies, admissions policies and/or additional programs.